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Zenfolio Introduction

Zenfolio is a website builder and e-commerce platform built specifically for photographers. Showcase your work and sell your photographs from a website optimized for this very task. Zenfolio provides photographers with unlimited image uploads and a suite of marketing tools to promote their business.

With 11 years of providing photographers with what they need to grow their business online, Zenfolio has the experience that shows you can trust them with your work. Now, the platform serves over 100,000 photographers all over the world.

Tools for Photographers

Photographers know how to take stunning pictures. But most don't know how to code or design their own website. Zenfolio makes it easy to create professional websites to showcase photographs. Their templates are specifically designed to make pictures the center of attention.

These templates are ready to use, just requiring you to do some customization to fit them to your personal brand and style. The templates come with built-in pages where you can feature your portfolio and services.

Manage your site and update photo galleries on the go by using your smartphone. Zenfolio has apps for both iOS and Android. From these apps, users can review pending orders and upload photos to galleries.

From your desktop, you can directly upload your photos from Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft Live Photo Gallery, Photo Mechanic, or using your command line.

All websites created by Zenfolio are hosted by them and give you unlimited storage space and bandwidth. This means you won't have to worry about finding a hosting provider, or about how well your site can handle large numbers of items and visitors. Zenfolio doesn't provide domains, but you can purchase one elsewhere and point it to your new website.

E-Commerce Features

For photographers who want to sell their pictures online, Zenfolio allows you to publish unlimited galleries. Photo galleries are designed with modern layouts making them interesting and sophisticated. All of these galleries can be shopped by website visitors and shared easily on social media. You will also be able to password protect your galleries and only share them with chosen people.

For selling your images, Zenfolio gives you a built-in shopping cart and makes payment processing easy for your customers. Accept major credit cards and PayPay. Couple your pictures with pre-filled price lists to give your customers different print size options or framing choices.

Sell photo gifts such as phone cases or mugs using Zenfolio's partnered photo labs. Create digital downloads and custom packages for your customers to consider. For example, you can offer photo books, albums, greeting cards, or collages. All partnered photo labs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can make sure your photos are being reproduced to your standards. And, you can hide these partner names from your store and packaging.

Protect your store images with default or custom watermarks to make sure people don't use them without paying.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools include the possibility of email address collection. Grow a mailing list and keep your website visitors updated with new photographs for sale or current discounts. Offer coupon codes and gift certificates to keep customers coming back and sharing your art with others. Free marketing campaigns are included with some plans, which will help you boost sales on your site.

An important aspect of content marketing is having a blog. This is why Zenfolio includes an integrated blog to increase SEO and customer engagement.

To keep track of trends, Google Analytics, StatCounter, and Webmaster tools can be integrated with your site. You will also have access to SEO features to make sure Google can rank your website as high as possible in their search engine.

Zenfolio Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

John Chalcraft railphotoprints.uk
Feb 23, 2019

I've been with Zenfolio for 8 years and, sadly I am now thinking of leaving them. My reason isn't down to anything to do with the Zenfolio programme but rather their suppliers (or one of) in the UK. My sales are primarily aimed at an enthusiast market which while willing to spend, its members will not pay high prices ie prices must be competitive.

In the UK Zenfolio has 2 linked photo labs one of which is truly professional with professional prices. The 2nd Lab (which I was using before joining ZF used to be a good quality, cheap produced, but, sadly as they have got bigger their quality control (if any) has become more erratic, this month I have rejected 8 different sets of prints because of poor colour caste, and despite claims of quality control the erratic nature of the castes suggests that they do not calibrate all of their machines to give a consistent colour rendition across all of their output devices. I have numerous 'collectors' that use my archive regularly they have a right to expect consistent quality but by using this Zenfolio backed supplier I am not providing it.

I have looked at my own process and checked other producers and generally the products produced by others are perfectly acceptable, my problem is that despite the constant aggravation that is being caused ZF seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything that results in consistent product being produced by their supplier. ZF say that their producers will send direct to my customers, this of course means that I do not see the quality produced, and because of the inconsistency of product I now check all outgoing orders this greatly increases my workload which, in turn, results in less scanning, less new material on site resulting in fewer orders which in turn reflects as a reduction of throughput with ZF who get less revenue from their handling charge. There are other good print suppliers in the UK but ZF seem intent on sticking with Zenfolio - Europe and appear to be unwilling to do anything about output quality.

This of course reflects on their company name and could reflect on the name of anybody using ZF and requiring products at the lower end of the price scale. In conclusion the ZF platform is good if a little complex but procurement of lower cost product in the uk using ZF's chosen supplier should be avoided.

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Plan Breakdown

People who think they'll enjoy Zenfolio's services should take advantage of their discount by signing up for an annual plan.

Zenfolio offers 3 plans you can choose between. The plans vary by the features included, with higher-level plans offering wider e-commerce and marketing possibilities. Their basic plan will work for photographers who just want to showcase their work and display their services. Although this plan is fairly cheap, Zenfolio puts their logo and branding on your website.

Their mid-level plan gets rid of Zenfolio branding and allows you to replace it with your own logo. It also includes many e-commerce features and a free full-service email marketing campaign.

For people who are experiencing a growing business and require a website that can keep up with customer demand, Zenfolio's most expensive plan will provide multi-user accounts, advanced order management, and additional shipping and order options.

Free Trial and Money-Back Gaurantee

Anyone can try out Zenfolio for free by signing up with no credit card commitment. To try out the full extent of their features, Zenfolio also gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee within which you can cancel your plan for a full refund. However, this refund is only available to annual plan subscribers.

Subscriptions are renewed each term, whether you sign up monthly or weekly. Either way, you will be able to cancel your plan with 10 days written notice. You should keep in mind that Zenfolio is not obligated to give you a copy of the content on your website upon your cancellation. So make sure you backup your site before you cancel.

Customer Service

All of Zenfolio's plans include 24/7 email support available in English, Spanish, French, and German. You can also attend weekly live sessions on YouTube where a member of the Zenfolio team will answer questions. Their website also has a support center and knowledgebase.

Advanced Zenfolio plans offer live chat and phone support. If you think that you'll need more help running your photography store, then you may want to consider these more expensive options.


Zenfolio is a website builder with photographers in mind. Their focus on this niche means everything they offer is perfectly suited for selling your photos and displaying your services. Included marketing and SEO tools will help you bring more customers to your store. With professional, customizable themes and e-commerce capabilities, photographers will be able to showcase and sell their work how they want.

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