HostGator: What Coupons Are Available for Jan 2021?

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Want to get up to 62% off a HostGator hosting plan? We've got the biggest discount available - no one beats our exclusive coupon. Just follow any of our links to HostGator and you'll get our automatic discount.

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Should I Choose HostGator?

HostGator is perfect for small business or personal websites because it features speedy WordPress sites and stellar customer support, all for a great price.

Read our detailed expert review of HostGator and 573 reviews by HostGator's customers, real people like you.

About HostGator

Offering low-cost, entry-level hosting and advanced plans for business, HostGator covers the full spectrum.

HostGator is perhaps one of the best-known hosts. But that doesn't mean that its plans suit everyone. I recommend taking a quick look at our HostGator review if you haven't already.

HostGator is well known for its coupons, and we're happy to offer an exclusive coupon code for WhoIsHostingThis readers. To claim your HostGator coupon savings, all you need to do is click any HostGator link on our site.

When you select a hosting package to purchase, enter the coupon code that we've provided below, and a discount will be applied to your order.

How to Use Our HostGator Coupon

It's simple to apply our coupon code. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Copy our coupon code: WHOISHOSTINGTHIS and click through to the HostGator site.
  2. Select the hosting plan you want.
  3. Paste in the coupon code on the HostGator Order Wizard page.
  4. Click Validate.
  5. The coupon credit is deducted from the amount due.

If you'd like more detailed steps, keep reading below.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Our HostGator Coupon Code

If you haven't used HostGator before, the above steps might not be clear enough for you.

If you're not fully comfortable with them, use these detailed steps instead.

Click one of our HostGator links on this page - they'll take you to the HostGator website.

Alternatively, you can manually go to or even search Google to get to the site.

It doesn't matter which method you use, you can get the discount later no matter what.

Step #2: Pick a Hosting Plan

If you clicked one of the buttons on this page, you'll be taken to a custom landing page that makes it easy to pick a hosting package based on price.

Once on HostGator, you can click any of the "get started" buttons.

Clicking on that "get started" button will take you to a page listing the plans you can select. You'll see some specifics about these plans.

Once there, clicking a "Buy Now!" button will take you to the order form, which is step 3.

Click on the plan you want to select.

If you did not click the button link to get to the HostGator website, you can use the top menu to check out the different plans, and then click any "get started" button when you've found a plan that you like.

Again, clicking a "Buy Now!" button, depending on the hosting type, will take you to the order form.

You can always change the plan that you pick in the order form (the next step).

Step #3: Fill Out Your Details and Select Add-ons

This page is the last main page that you'll need to sign up for HostGator and get your discount.

Start by filling out basic details like the domain you'd like to register (or one that you already have).

Enter a domain that you want to register, or one that you already own.

You can then double check that you've selected the right hosting package, or change it using the drop down inputs.

After picking a username, type in your billing information, and choose a billing cycle.

Choose your billing cycle. Here I've selected the 36-month "Baby" plan.

Then keep scrolling down to the add-ons section.

Some add-ons may be pre-selected. Just check or uncheck any add-ons based on your hosting needs.

Select the add-ons you want.

Step #4: Enter Our HostGator Discount Coupon and Validate

You're almost there.

The fifth section on the page is solely dedicated to coupon codes.

This is where you need to enter in "WHOISHOSTINGTHIS" into the input field.

Type in the coupon code and click "Validate." The discount will be immediately applied.

HostGator may have automatically put in other coupons by default to give you some form of a discount.

You'll want to replace that code with ours to get a bigger discount.

Once you've pasted or typed in our coupon code, click on the "validate" button beside it and the price below will update.

Step #5: Finish Checking Out

Take a minute to review your order in this final section and agree to the terms of service and other policies.

The plan length you chose will be visible at checkout.

That's all there is to it.

HostGator will send you an email message with your account details and more instructions to help you get your sites hosted.

HostGator is a well-established web host company that has been around since 2002.

If you choose to purchase web hosting from HostGator, you get simple, reliable hosting, at a very low cost (especially with our HostGator coupon code).

If cost is your main consideration, HostGator is a fine choice.

Competitors to Consider

HostGator is not for everyone.

In my opinion, there are 2 main situations where you should continue to look for a hosting provider:

  1. You're looking for high-performance servers.
  2. You have a media heavy site.

Most HostGator packages do not come with SSD storage (important for site speed). While the dedicated packages are decent for high traffic sites, they're missing the advanced features offered by web hosts that specialize in high-performance.

The "unlimited" bandwidth and disk space of HostGator's shared plans are not enough if you plan to host a lot of rich media (eg, videos). These types of sites may be throttled or shut down on "unmetered" plans. While a VPS or dedicated plan gives you more resources, you can find better plans for streaming on other hosts.

If you're hosting needs falls into one of those situations, here are 3 other hosts that I recommend that you consider:

  • SiteGround - SiteGround is a high-performance host. The hosting plans are not as cheap as HostGator, but even their lowest packages will ensure that your site runs quickly and reliably. All plans come with great 24/7 support, and you can scale up your plan as your site grows with cloud host plans. We have an exclusive deal with SiteGround to offer a 60% off coupon code.
  • WP Engine - You can run small WordPress sites on HostGator with no issues. But if you want to create a fast WordPress site that can handle high traffic levels, you need a specialized server to host your site on. WP Engine is a WordPress host that specifically designs their servers to optimize WordPress performance and security. We have a deal in place with WP Engine so that you can save 50% for the first 3 months with our coupon code.
  • A2 Hosting - While still having reasonably inexpensive plans, A2 Hosting specializes in speedy servers. You get free SSD storage with every plan and the option of purchasing a hosting package with "turbo" servers. Turbo servers are configured for even more speed.

Each host service has its own pros and cons. You need to consider which aspects of hosting are more important for your situation and needs.

Q&As on our HostGator Discount Coupon

Do HostGator plans come with SSL?

Having an SSL certificate is a basic requirement for any business-oriented site these days.

Some plans, like the Business plan and WordPress plans, come with a free SSL certificate. But some of the smaller plans do not, and you'll have to purchase them separately. Keep that extra cost in mind when picking a plan.

Does the coupon code apply to reseller hosting?

Yes! HostGator offers a variety of reseller host plans that are great for getting started. You can apply coupons to all of those reseller hosting packages.

What's HostGator's best hosting plan?

Two plans really stand out:

  • The "Baby" plan is HostGator's most well-known hosting plan. It's shared hosting that allows you to host "unlimited" domains on it.
  • Additionally, all of HostGator's VPS hosting plans are as cheap as you'll find for a VPS anywhere else on the web.

The best plan for you will always depend on your needs, but these 2 plans help make HostGator stand out from competitors.

Is HostGator a good option for small businesses?

HostGator has a shared hosting plan tailored specifically for small businesses. The plan is very affordable, especially with our coupon code.

On top of the basic features, it comes with a free private SSL certificate and IP address.

I recommend that you also explore their Business Cloud plan, which gives you up to double the speed of their shared hosting plans. Remember to apply our coupon code, and you'll get quite a generous discount on the Business Cloud Plan as well.

You also get a toll-free number for your business at no extra cost.

What control panel does HostGator offer?

All customers get access to a free cPanel control panel to manage their account. It comes with a huge variety of free software applications that you can install on your account with just a few clicks. This includes popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Does HostGator have a money back guarantee?

HostGator has a 45-day money back guarantee. The company will refund your money, in full, within 45 days of signing up if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Does HostGator offer a discount for paying in advance?

Yes. Users can save money by paying in advance. HostGator currently allows customers to pay monthly, six months at a time, yearly, two years in advance, or three years in advance. Paying three years in advance allows for the lowest price.

What payment options does HostGator accept?

Users can pay for HostGator services via credit card or PayPal.

Does HostGator offer additional services at checkout?

When purchasing a HostGator hosting plan, users can opt for other services including: Constant Contact, SiteLock, and CodeGuard. These services cost an additional fee.

What email features do HostGator plans provide?

Features include: unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP, unlimited autoresponders, SpamAssassin, IMAP support, and WebMail access through Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube.

Does HostGator have an uptime guarantee?

HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime.

What does HostGator provide free with each of its hosting plans?

Some of the most popular free inclusions are: Gator, its free website builder with more than 4,000 free website templates, free website transfer, free domain transfer, more than 50 free scripts, and a $100 Google AdWords credit.

What is the history of HostGator?

HostGator was founded in Boca Raton, Florida in 2002, and moved to its current location in Houston, Texas in 2007. The company currently has an office in Austin, Texas as well.

Does HostGator offer more than one shared hosting plan?

Yes. There are three distinct plans to choose from, including: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. Each one comes with a variety of features.

What are some of the features associated with each plan?

All three shared hosting plans provide users with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and a shared SSL certificate.

The Hatchling plan is the only one that limits users to a single domain. The others allow for unlimited domains on the same account.

What are some of the applications offered through HostGator?

There are many, with some of the most popular including: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

What type of support does HostGator offer?

In addition to email support, users have the option to contact HostGator via a live chat. There are also customer service representatives available to provide phone service.

Is HostGator considered a green hosting company?

HostGator has dedicated time and resources into becoming a green company. Its efforts include: investing in wind energy and purchasing certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Does HostGator provide any learning resources?

In addition to its dedicated customer support team, the company offers an online support portal featuring more than 600 articles and approximately 500 videos.

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